A collection of Dojo.js toolkit libraries, widgets, plugins, tools and resources including grids, routing, task runners and more

A collection of Dojo Toolkit JS libraries, plugins, tools, widgets and resources. Sourced under a public domain license. This list will be updated regularly. Email over the URL, if you wish to be included.

Dojo Packages, libraries, plugins, tools and scripts

  • AngularJS Dojo – AngularJS directives for dojo widgets
  • delite – HTML Custom Element / Widget infrastructure
  • deliteful – Multichannel (desktop/mobile) UI Custom Elements Library
  • Dojo Foundation packages – Packages available on Dojo Foundation
  • dojo-smore – package with Dojo/Store implementation
  • generator-dojo – A yeoman generator for Dojo projects
  • Grids
    • dgrid – next-generation grid component that takes full advantage of modern browsers and object stores.
    • gridx – A fast rendering, well modularized and plugin architecture based Grid.
    • xgrid – dgrid extensions.
  • grunt-dojo – Build Dojo inside a Grunt task
  • grunt-dojo2 – Build Dojo2 inside a Grunt task
  • karma-dojo – A Karma plugin. Adapter for Dojo Toolkit.
  • Leadfoot – A JavaScript client library that brings cross-platform consistency to the Selenium WebDriver API
  • Sitepen dstore – Data infrastructure framework, providing the tools for modelling and interacting with data collections and objects.
  • xaction – Component providing UI and logic for user actions.

Dojo 2 Packages, libraries, plugins, tools and scripts

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