A collection of mostly free Icon plugins, libraries and packages for Vue.js

In this blog post, we’ve sourced a compiled collection of mostly free Icons and Font Packages for Vue.js that you can use for your next vue app or website project. As always, this list is updated regularly. Email over the URL, if you wish to be included.

  • vue-awesome – Font Awesome component for Vue.js, using inline SVG.
  • vue-material-design-icons – A collection of SVG Material Design icons as single file components.
  • vue-icon-font – A iconfont plugin for Vuejs (support Font-class and Symbol).
  • vue-ionicons – Vue Icon Set Components from Ionic Team.
  • vue-ico – Dead easy icons for Vue with drop-in browser support & selective bundling
  • mdi-vue – Material Design Icon components for Vuejs
  • vue-fontawesome – Font Awesome 5 Vue component
  • g-icon – Simple icon component for your svg icons (compatible with Font Awesome-like font toolkits)
  • vue-simple-line-icons – Simple Line Icons component for Vuejs
  • vue-country-flag – Vue component for country flag icons
  • vicon – Vicon is an simple iconfont component for vue.
  • md-svg-vue – Material Design Icons by Google for Vue.js & Nuxt.js (server-side support (with caching), inline svg rendering, official icon names)
  • vue-lang-code-flags – Vue component which shows the flag of the country from which the language comes from
  • vue-zondicons – Vue component for the beautiful Zondicon svg icons
  • vue-eva-icons – Simply beautiful open source eva icons as Vue components.
  • vue-unicons – 1000+ Pixel-perfect svg unicons for your next project as Vue components.
  • vue-fa – Simple FontAwesome 5 Vue.js 2 component.
  • vue-cryptoicon – Beautiful pixel perfect 400+ cryptocurrency and 10+ Fiat currency icon.
  • vue-hero-icons – A set of high-quality SVG icons, sourced from @refactoringui/heroicons, as Vue functional components.
  • vue-heroicons – Vue component for 104 premium Heroicons UI svg icons
  • vue-tabler-icons – Vue components for Tabler Icons SVG icons.
  • oh-vue-icons – A Vue component for including inline SVG icons from different popular iconpacks easily.
  • vue-feather-icons – Simply beautiful open source icons as Vue functional components.
  • vue-feather – Feather icons component for Vue 3.
  • eos-icons-vue – Eos icons npm package for Vue 3, eos-icons-vue2 for Vue 2
  • vue-icomoon – With vue-icomoon you can easily use the icons you have selected or created in icomoon.
  • vue-icons – More than 11,000 icons from most popular icon libraries (bootstrap, fontawesome, feather .. etc)
  • veemoji – Veemoji is a dead simple emoji 🚀 as a component for vue 2

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License: MIT license