A collection of generic filters & date, time filter plugins, libraries and extensions for Vue

In this short blog post, we’ll be listing a collection of Vue libraries, components, plugins, and extensions specifically for filtering data, that will help you with your Vue development projects and apps. Whether you’re looking for components and plugins to help you sort and order data or custom filter plugins, this list will do the trick. As always, this list is updated regularly. Email over the URL, if you wish to be included.

  • vue2-filters – A collection of standard filters Vue 1._ adapted for use in Vue 2._.
  • vue-morphling – A collection of standard and custom filters for Vue 2.
  • vue-currency-filter – Lightweight and Customizable Vue 2 Currency Filter.
  • vue-trans – A simple filter to provide a similar way of translating to the Symfony trans.
  • vue-string-filter – Lightweight Vue 2 String Manipulation Filter.
  • vue-units – A collection of handy unit conversion filters for use in Vue 2.
  • vue-numeral-filter – A collection of filters that allows Numeral.js to be used inline in the template section of a component.
  • vue-filter-date-format – Simple datetime filter for Vue 2.
  • vue-filter-pluralize – Simple pluralize filter for Vue 2.
  • vue-filter-date-parse – Simple parsing datetime filter for Vue 2.

Tags: Filtering, Vue.js, Vue, Vue2, Vue3, Vue-3d-model, datetime filters, Vue plugins, vue libraries, vue extensions, Vue Filters, Vue Filter Plugins, Vue Filter Extensions

License: MIT license