A collection of infinity scroll, content loop and infinity slide bar plugins, libraries and extensions for vue and vue.js

In this short blog post, we’ll be listing a collection of vue libraries, components, plugins and extensions specifically for infinity-scrolling listings, data and items. Whether you’re looking for components and plugins to help you add basic content loops to your project or more complex infinite slide bars to your pages, this list will do the trick. As always, this list is updated regularly. Email over the URL, if you wish to be included.

Infinite Scroll

  • vue-infinite-loading – An infinite scroll plugin for Vue.js 1.0 & Vue.js 2.0.
  • vue-mugen-scroll – Infinite scroll component for Vue.js 2.
  • vue-infinite-scroll – An infinite scroll directive for vue.js.
  • vue-loop – An infinite content loop component for Vue.js 2.
  • vue-scroller – An infinite content loop component for Vue.js 2, including functionalities such as ‘pull-to-refresh’, ‘infinite-loading’, ‘snaping-scroll’.
  • vue-infinite-list – An infinite list mixin can recycle dom for Vue.js 2
  • vue-infinite-slide-bar – ∞ Infinite slide bar component.
  • vue-virtual-infinite-scroll – A vue2 component based on Iscroll, supports big data list with high performance scroll, infinite load and pull refresh.
  • @egjs/vue-infinitegrid – Arrange infinite card elements according to various layout types like masonry for Vue.js 2.
  • @grafikri/vue-infinite-scroll – Basic infinite scroll for Vue
  • vinscroll – A minimalist infinite scroll component
  • virtual-list – Virtual list component. Features: Vue2, Vue3, TypeScript, SSR, horizontal list, virtual table.

Tags: infinity scroll, content loop, infinity content loops, infinite scroll, minimal scroll, Vue.js, Vue, Vue2, Vue3, Vue plugins, vue libraries, vue extensions

License: MIT license