A collection of the best CSS and Javascript animation effect libraries

Here’s our list of CSS and JavaScript Animation Libraries, available to the public. The list is updated regularly. Email over the URL, if you wish to be included.

Last Update: 06/06/2023

Animate.css: Animate.css is a CSS animation library that offers the user a range of animation effects. Including bounces, flashes, pulses, rubberband effects, shakes and swings. The library can be integrated into any webpage or web app using just one line of CSS code.

Hover.css: A collection of CSS effects for mouse hovering, these effects can used on links, buttons, SVG, images and more. The effects include size movements, rotations, wobbles, buzzes and many more.

WOW.js: is a CSS animation effect library which is used in conjunction with animate.css, and adds those animations when a user scrolls down the page of a website.

Magic Animations: Is a CSS animation library which includes the following animation effect types including Magic effects, Bling effects, Static effects, Perspective, Slide and Rotate and many more.

AniJS: a JavaScript and CSS library for use with UI components and includes animation effects.

GreenSock: Is a JavaScript Animation Library used for making SVG, Canvas and WebGL animations, which is used by some very impressive brands.

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