The Best FireFox Plugins & Extensions for Web Designers

A collection of the best free firefox plugins and extensions. The list is updated regularly. Email over the URL, if you wish to be included.

Firefox Extensions

Useful Firefox extensions for Designers and Web-Developers.



WhatFont Identify fonts on web pages
WhatRuns Discover technologies used on websites
Web Developer Toolbar for web development tasks
Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder Capture and annotate screenshots – News for Busy Developers Developer news and resources
JSONView Format and syntax highlight JSON
Window Resizer Resize browser window to predefined dimensions
Responsive Viewer Test responsive design of websites
BrowserStack Instantly preview websites on different devices
VisBug Web design debugging tool
Kontrast – WCAG Contrast Checker Check contrast levels for accessibility
PerfectPixel Overlay an image over a web page to compare
Pesticide Outline elements on web page for easy visualization
Site Palette Extract color palette from website
ColorZilla Advanced color picker and eyedropper
Lorem Ipsum Generator (Default Text) Generate lorem ipsum text
JavaScript and CSS Code Beautifier Beautify and minify JavaScript and CSS code
Imageye – Image downloader Download images from web pages
Fireshot – Full Page Screen Capture Capture full web pages
Stylebot Customize the appearance of web pages
ColorPick Eyedropper Simple color picker and eyedropper
React Developer Tool Inspect React component hierarchy
Wappalyzer Identify technologies used on websites
Fake Filler Fill out web forms with dummy data

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