A collection of popular plugins for zBrush

Our List of zBrush Plugins, some are paid and some free. The list is updated regularly. Email over the URL, if you wish to be included. Last Update: 14/06/2023

UV Master: A plugin that creates efficient UVs for your models with just a single click. It’s free and comes installed with ZBrush.

Decimation Master: A plugin which reduces the polygon count of your 3D models while preserving the details.

NanoTile Textures: A plugin that creates tiling textures for your models.

GoZ: (Since zBrush 4, the plugin ships with the core product) A plugin that enables you to convert your models to other 3D software applications, such as Maya and 3ds Max.

Ztree: is a tool plugin which provides additional tools when modelling with zSpheres.

DynaMesh Master: A plugin that allows you to create a mesh with a specific polygon distribution.

Terrain Tools – ZBrush Plugin allows you to use existing zBrush tools for the creation of 3D terrains and features an erosion algorithm and heightMap Filters.

Transpose Master: A plugin that allows you to pose multiple subtools at once.

ZWrap: A plugin that transfers the details of one model to another, allowing you to create new characters or clothing from existing models.

zBrush Compositor – Allows you to send you 2D ZBrush render passes to Marmoset Toolbag 3 or Adobe’s Substance Painter to generate a composite render.

Nicks Tools zBrush Plugin – A collection of tools made to automate, expand and add some much needed features to Zbrush. Including masking, brush, subdivision, material, visibility functionality and more.