A collection of the best CSS resources to learn CSS

CSS References

  • codrops – An extensive CSS reference offering way more content than MDN.
  • Can I use – Interactive browser support tables for CSS (and HTML5).

CSS in a nutshell

  • Introduction to CSS – This screencast series will teach you the basics of CSS in about one hour.

Fundamental concepts

  • The cascade – This article explains what the cascade is and how this affects you.
  • Specificity and inheritance – Understanding specificity and inheritance is important to master CSS. This article will help.
  • CSS Box Model – An article explaining the foundation of layout on the web.
  • Responsive Design – Extensive information about all aspects of responsive design to make sites that look great and work well for everyone.

CSS units


  • Basic CSS Selectors – An introduction to the very basic CSS selectors you need to know.
  • Advanced CSS Selectors – Level up your knowledge. From attribute selectors to CSS3 pseudo classes.
  • CSS Diner – Learn how to use CSS selectors with this fun little game.

Custom properties (aka CSS variables)


Classic layouting

  • Floats – In depth information about how to use (and clear) floats.
  • Positioning Types – A closer look at a few little-known things related to the CSS positioning layout method.
  • inline-block – Shows in which cases it makes sense to use the display property inline-block for layouting.


  • Flexbox playground – Play with Flexbox examples on CodePen.
  • Flexbox Defense – A tower defense game in the browser to learn about Flexbox with fun.
  • Flexbox Froggy – Learn all the basics of Flexbox with a fun game involving frogs and lily pads.
  • Flexbugs – Community-curated list of flexbox issues and cross-browser workarounds for them.
  • Flexbox Zombies – A training course driven by a storyline where you use Flexbox and a crossbow to hunt zombies.
  • What the Flexbox? – A simple, free 20 video course that will help you master CSS Flexbox!


  • A Complete Guide to Grid – All you need to know about CSS Grid Layout on one page.
  • Grid by Example – Besides examples of how to use Grid, this site also has additional useful learning resources.
  • Designing with Grid – Talk about the new layout possibilities CSS Grid is offering.
  • Grid Garden – Lovely game where you write CSS code to grow your carrot garden.
  • GridBugs – Community-curated list of Grid interop issues and workarounds for them.
  • Grid Critters – Learn CSS grid layout by mastering an adventure game.
  • CSS Grid – Learn CSS grid with Wes Bos – Free 4 hours video course, 25 Videos.


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